You will find a good deal more content in some of these sections, than in others because the risk management section is a work-in-progress that will be continually updated by suggestions both from your committee, and from you. In line with that, we are open to any suggestions from you.

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Things Good Adjusters do

A general overview of the adjusting function. For most of us, it will be a refresher, but it will be very useful for people new to the business.

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Suggested Forms, Letters, and Wordings

Suggested forms, wordings, and other tools that you can use day-to-day in the claims process.

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Commentary on Claims Handling

Covers discussions, in caption format, on the handling of various types of claims. This section also has in depth discussions on designing and setting up self-insured claims programs.

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Dealing with Experts

Content regarding dealing with experts can be found in this area of knowledge.

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What CPLIC’s Claim Department Sees

Trends that CPLIC’s own claims department sees coming from the files they are defending. This should give us an idea of things to avoid and changes to make to minimize claims problems for ourselves in the future.

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