Covers discussions, in caption format, on the handling of various types of claims. This section also has in depth discussions on designing and setting up self-insured claims programs.

Commentary on Different Types of Claims and Claims Programs

In this section, you will find generalized guidelines for the handling of different types of claims.

These guidelines have been promulgated by adjusters who are knowledgeable in each of the specific areas. They are not intended to be complete, cover every potential circumstance, or tailored to any specific jurisdiction.

Instead, they are intended to give you a general feel for the proper way to handle the type of claim covered.

They are intended to be a reference for CPLIC members only. Please do not share this with any non-CPLIC members.

Finally, please review the Disclaimer language in this section.


  1. The acknowledgement attachment and guidelines are not authoritative.
  2. These items are reference items only.
  3. The committee is unable to write guidelines for all jurisdictions.
  4. These items are not to be construed or used against our members.
  5. Each member should seek advice for problems he may incur in his own jurisdiction.
  6. Differing facts certainly will have an effect on the acknowledgement and guidelines.

Claims Advisor Magazine Summer 2008

By 2010 in the state of Florida, it will be a felony for the same entity to perform a mold inspection and home inspection on the same project. Conflict of interest between mold inspectors & mold remediation companies are on the front burner. Check out IICRC, International Institute of Cleaning & Restoration contractors. Specifically, IICRC S520 Mold Remediation Specification, which outlines the conflict of interest.