Exciting News For NAIIA Members


I.       In response to your request the Steering Committee of Claim Professionals Liability Insurance Company has voted to allow NAIIA members to purchase up to 10 additional shares at the price you paid for your first shares.  The additional share allotment is intended to be permanent but the price per share will go up concurrent with the incorporation of CPLIC.


II.              On its own initiative the Steering Committee has rescinded the share price increase that took effect on June 1, 2004.  If you have reserved shares at $1400 per share you may ask for a refund or credit the difference to additional shares.  The price of $1200 per share will remain in effect until CPLIC is a corporation and at that time the increase to $1400 per share will go into effect immediately without further consideration or announcement.


III.           In answer to your many questions and to paraphrase a quote from a top 500 CEO, your Steering Committee is watching the compass and not the clock.  While we take advantage of timing issues that work to your benefit, our main focus is the direction we take at every turn so as not to vary the course set for you.  Incorporation will occur when we are satisfied we have aligned the company with the proper reinsurance partner and considered every possible aspect of the creation.  We expect to issue policies within 30 days following the incorporation.


IV.            We want to hear from you at any time whether you are already a CPLIC member or not.  We encourage your ideas, suggestions and support. You may contact us by telephone by referring to the Blue Book or by email as follows:         


                     Michael Hale Carter Claims carter-hale@pacbell.net

                     Terry Nixon Nixon and Co. terryn@nixonandco.com

                     Alan Mayfield T. M. Mayfield amayfield@tmmayfield.com

                     Bruce Mountjoy Able Claims ableclms@cet.com